Donald Liss

Donald LissDonald Liss has many diverse interests. As a leading orthopedist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, he ranks among the top doctors in his specialty. He is well respected among his peers and patients and has been recognized as a leader in his field. He is also a generous philanthropist and has donated time and money to his numerous causes. He is particularly passionate about the United Jewish Appeal, the environment, and cultural causes. He is also an avid traveler which is something he has been doing since childhood.

Dr. Liss’s mother was a travel agent, so Donald had many family adventures growing up. He shares this wanderlust with his friends and family today. His travels help to satisfy his interest in exploration, culture, and history. It has opened his eyes and increased his awareness of the cultural differences around the world. Travel, for him, has deepened his appreciation for the unique life perspectives, history, religion, and cultures he has come across. Even before starting medical school, Dr. Liss and a friend took a road trip across America which proved to spark his keen interest in the diversity found within the country. He and his wife have imparted the same curiosity about the world to their children. He recognizes how much of an education travel can have, and have urged his children to experience the world. He has visited all 50 states and, as a major supporter of the national park system, has made it a mission to visit all of them.

Dr. Donald Liss has some sound advice for first time travelers. First of all, plan a budget for your trip. Make sure you have enough to cover the essentials like food, housing, local travel, and local tours. Keepsakes of travel are fun to buy and can afford you many hours of pleasure and fond memories. But he advises that you stay within a reasonable budget. Packing should include the essential personal items and not weigh you down. It may be possible to purchase some items as you travel, so pack lightly and appropriately. Avoid over-booking your time. While it is good to plan for the big ticket items, leave yourself some free time to explore your surroundings. This could lead to an unplanned adventure. And finally, avoid scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. An unseasoned traveler can be taken for a literal ride if he is not careful. Dr. Liss’s words of advice are reasonable and practical. He hopes that you have a wonderful, interesting, eye-opening time!