More of the best apps for travel



Though travel can be incredibly exciting and enriching, it can also be stressful and complicated (especially in instances of international travel). Therefore, you will want to shoot for a healthy combination of the former and latter to make sure you are having fun, but also remaining organized and focused on potentially distressing matters like reservations and flight times.

These aspects of travel are just one of many concepts that have been revolutionized by smartphone app technology. Now, your trip can be managed and facilitated by the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen.

I previously covered a few of the best apps for travel. Here now are a few more apps that should make your trips more convenient.


Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight has revolutionized the way travelers locate and check in to local hotels. The app provides users listings comprised of great last minute deals, top rated hotels, and hotels located near specific attractions or landmarks. Simply put in  “three taps and one swipe” and you have found the best and/or most convenient hotel option to fit your travels.



Uber has become a household name and mainstay of travel app technology — both home and abroad. The app is particularly convenient for late night and/or long distance trips back to a place of residence, and when traveling, this service is an asset to your exploration (especially if you do not have a car with you). Lost in unfamiliar territory and unsure of your hotel’s location? Simply hail an Uber and tell the driver the name of your desired location.



Duolingo may not be a direct asset in terms of travel simplification, but it can be a useful tool when traveling to foreign countries, where you may have a hard time communicating with locals. Put simply, the app allows you to learn a new language “for free, forever,” making it both incredibly useful and affordable. When preparing for your next international adventure, be sure to brush up on your destination’s official language — you will not regret it.



With Skyscanner, travelers are able to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals all in the same place, making the app a hub of all things transportation. The award-winning service taps over 1,200 different travel partners to formulate its listings, and it currently sits in the hands of nearly 60 million users nationwide.



If you are the type of traveler who loves the idea of an itinerary or physical agenda, look no further than TripIt. The app allows you to create and manage a master itinerary for your travels, which is accessible via smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable device. You will be able to constantly reference your plans to ensure you are on task and on time.