The 5 Least Visited States

The most visited states in the United States are California, Florida, and Nevada. It’s no surprise why. California has Hollywood; Florida has sunshine, and Nevada has Las Vegas. Yet there are forty-seven other states Americans can visit, and each one has something special to offer. This post looks at five of the least-visited states and discusses why you should visit each one.

West Virginia

West Virginia is known as the mountain state. One of the best mountains to visit is North Fork Mountain. The North Fork Mountain Trail is a nearly twenty-four-mile long trail that is great for hiking. If you don’t like hiking you can try whitewater paddling on the Gauley River. The most popular time for water recreation is after Labor Day when the Army Corps of Engineers routinely releases water specifically for recreation.


If you’re an outdoors enthusiast then you’ll love Vermont. The state has many skiing destinations like Killington, Stowe, and Smuggler’s Notch. In total, the state has forty-three ski resorts—both Nordic and Alpine. Take a look at this article to learn more about Vermont’s skiing destinations. Vermont is also the home of Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream. When you visit the state you can take a tour of the factory and sample the flavor of the day.


Montana is home to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Despite the many visitors who travel to the parks each year, it’s still the third least-visited state in the union. In recent years the town of Whitefish has become a trendy place to visit due to its skiing conditions. If you like fishing then you should visit Missoula. The town is also home to the International Wildlife Film Festival.


Right below Montana lies Wyoming, the second least-visited state in America. Not only does Wyoming share a border with Montana; it shares Yellowstone National Park. Besides Yellowstone, Jackson Hole is one of the most popular places to visit in Wyoming. The town of Jackson is commonly mistaken for Jackson Hole, but Jackson Hole is actually the name of the valley where the town Jackson is located. Each winter around 7,000 elk visits Jackson. The National Elk Refuge was created to help protect the animals’ habitat.


Delaware’s nickname is the first state, yet it’s the last state that people want to visit. If you like to shop, though, then you should consider planning a trip to Delaware soon. Why? The state doesn’t charge shoppers any sales tax. Delaware also has beaches that are considered some of the cleanest in the country. History buffs will enjoy the state’s many war memorials and battlefield sites. Fans of car racing will want to visit the Dover International Speedway to watch a race.