The best apps for travel



Though travel can be incredibly exciting and enriching, it can also be stressful and complicated (especially in instances of international travel). Therefore, you will want to shoot for a healthy combination of the former and latter to make sure you are having fun, but also remaining organized and focused on potentially distressing matters like reservations and flight times.


These aspects of travel are just one of many concepts that have been revolutionized by smartphone app technology. Now, your trip can be managed and facilitated by the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen.


Here are a few of the best apps for travel.




The Kayak app is an aggregation of hundreds of travel sites, giving users the ability to access countless information based on flights, hotels, rentals, and other key aspects of their next trip. Users can also enjoy a variety of helpful side features, including price alerts and holiday travel trackers.  




Experienced travelers know that airports are usually anything but “enjoyable,” Grab strives to beg a differ. The open platform app allows users to quickly access crucial parts of the airport process, including concessions, wayfinding locations, and retail areas. Pre-ordering features allow users to also bypass lines, in certain scenarios.




Oasis is essentially a stripped down version of AirBnB, another popular travel app resource. The app is said to have “pioneered the ‘home meets hotel’ concept,” facilitating quick and safe private home rentals between users. Advanced booking, check-in management, and on-demand concierge services are just a few amenities included.




Tripadvisor is a fairly easy-to-use app that “compares prices from over 200 booking sites to help you find the lowest price on the right hotel for you.” The app can be customized based on your location, providing you with popular nearby destinations and attractions. It even makes deep personalized recommendations such as “recommended honeymoon destinations” and “top places to go scuba diving.”




Citymapper makes journey planning simple, combining data on every aspect of a locality’s transportation offerings — ranging from mass transit to walking and cycling. This information is conceived via open data submitted by users and data gleaned from “local employee personnel,” giving the app a wide variety of feedback for users.