The best places to visit in 2018



With 2017 officially behind us, the new year is poised to be another great one in terms of travel. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a brand new one, the new year stands as a great time to visit (or revisit) a bucket list location.

To help narrow your search, here are a few of the best places to visit in 2018.



Known to some as the “Spice Island,” Grenada is one of the Caribbean premiere travel destinations, albeit one that remains under-the-radar. The island’s popularity is expected to spike in 2018 thanks to the opening of the Silversands Hotel, a new luxury hotel that is projected to attract a new wave of travelers. The Hotel stands as the first major resort to open in Grenada in 25 years.



Aside from being the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, Nevis has much to offer for new visitors. Differing from its neighboring locations, the country houses a variety of elegant white beaches and is highlighted by the Four Seasons island property, a palm tree encircled series of sea vistas overlooking this territory. This beautiful natural wonder is reason enough to consider Nevis in your 2018 travel plans.



There are many great reasons to visit Israel in 2018, and yet the country is occasionally overlooked in the overall travel conversation.The country is not only a major religious capital for a range of religions, it is also home and neighbor to a variety of mesmerizing organic wonders, ranging from the Dead Sea to the Negev Desert.



Iceland has grown popular amongst travelers in recent years — especially those who are young and/or new to travel; this is primarily because the island nation remains one of the more affordable international travel destinations in the world. This affordability pairs greatly with Iceland’s immense natural beauty, inspiring art and culture, and reasonably close location in the North Atlantic.



For US-based travelers, Greenville, South Carolina may not be as ambitious as other trips on this list, but the city is quickly becoming a hotbed for tourist activity. This spike in interest comes mainly as a result of the city’s “hot new restaurants,” a staple of its overall culture. Many recent food additions have fleshed out the city’s restaurant scene, all while providing an even bigger variety of luxury accommodations and historic landmarks.