Top Attractions in the Southern US

The Southern United States is home to some of the best attractions in the country. Throughout most of its history, the South’s economy was based on agriculture. However, since WWII the number of industries in the region have expanded. In recent years the South has also seen an increase in its population. Below are four of the top attractions located in the South.


National WWII Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana


Visitors can spend an entire day at the National WWII Museum and not feel bored. The museum actually features multiple buildings that focus on different aspects of the war. In 2003 the U.S. Congress designated the museum as the country’s official WWII museum. Some visitors wonder why the museum is located in New Orleans rather than the country’s capital. Higgins boats, the boats used in the invasion of Normandy, were actually built in New Orleans. The museum originally opened with a focus on D-Day before expanding to include many other aspects of the war.


Churchill Downs – Louisville, Kentucky


Every year since 1875 the Kentucky Derby has been held at Churchill Downs. Although the race itself only lasts two minutes, the Kentucky Derby Festival lasts for two weeks before the event. The festival includes a fireworks display (the largest display in the US), a hot air balloon race, and many other fun events. Getting tickets to actually watch the Kentucky Derby is notoriously difficult, but the venue hosts many other races throughout the year. Plus, you can always visit the Derby Museum.


North Carolina Museum of Art – Raleigh, North Carolina


The North Carolina Museum of Art opened in 1947. In 2010 it opened the beautifully-designed West Building to feature new works it acquired. Inside the museum, you’ll find a range of artworks from the past 5,000 years. The collection highlights art from all over the world including Egyptian and African artifacts. Current exhibits include a look at Ansel Adams’ photographs and all eight panels of Francescuccio Ghissi’s St. John Altarpiece.


Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum – Nashville, Tennessee


The South is the birthplace of country music, and there’s no better place to learn about the genre than by visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Since 1964 the museum has served as one of the world’s most popular music research centers. In recent years the museum debuted a redesigned space that is more accessible to visitors. To learn more about the museum’s exhibits take a look at this site.