Exploring the five most visited US destinations

    I previously explored a few of the least visited locations in the United States, and while there are many of those, there are, conversely, a variety of US destinations that annually enjoy large amounts of popularity. These cities encapsulate a long list of attractions, cultural traditions, and environmental sights that make them stand out as unique compared to… Read more →


The best apps for travel

  Though travel can be incredibly exciting and enriching, it can also be stressful and complicated (especially in instances of international travel). Therefore, you will want to shoot for a healthy combination of the former and latter to make sure you are having fun, but also remaining organized and focused on potentially distressing matters like reservations and flight times.  … Read more →

Donald Liss- Road Trip Survival Kit

Road Trip Survival Kit

  Road trips can be great bonding experiences, and they allow you to take in your surroundings from the convenience of your vehicle. Really, all that is standing between you and the country you live in is a vehicle, the gas to fuel it, and the time to make it happen. However, there are a few things to keep in… Read more →

Donald Liss- The Best Fall Hiking Destinations

The Best Fall Hiking Destinations

  With summer finally at an end, hikers and nature lovers alike are preparing to once again hit the trails. This is one of the busiest seasons for local, state, and national parks, as crisp fall winds and changing leaves provide the ultimate scenic experience. The United States is rich with hiking trails for adventurers of all experience levels, with… Read more →

Donald Liss- How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

  Summer is drawing to a close as children around the world glumly collect supplies and stuff their backpacks to head back to school, and disgruntled workers near the end of their available vacation days. Just because the official summer season is ending, however, by no means does that mean that your window of opportunity to travel has to end.… Read more →

Donald Liss- 5 of the Best Road Trips Through America

Five of the Best Road Trips Through America

  While many people stress the importance of traveling abroad to expand one’s understanding of the world and become a more cultured individual, I am a firm believer that some of the greatest travel experiences can be found in our own backyard- or just a short drive away, anyway. The United States is full of spectacular geographical features and stunning… Read more →

Donald Liss - Jerusalem


When it comes to religious pilgrimages, Jerusalem is one of the world’s most famous destinations. Christians, Muslims, and Jews all consider Jerusalem to be a holy city. The Old City is teeming with a myriad of beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. Incense and fragrant spices fill the air; prayers can be heard everywhere, and the buildings are living history that… Read more →

Donald Liss - Travel Tips to Reduce Stress

Travel Tips to Reduce Stress

While traveling is a great way to get some relaxation, sometimes it can turn out to be stressful and make you weary instead of giving you your much-needed rejuvenation. Below are some important tips that you should keep in mind in order to reduce stress while you travel. Plan Well in Advance The first thing that you need to do… Read more →

Donald Liss - My Cruise to South America

My Cruise to South America

My wife and I recently took a cruise to South America aboard Holland America’s ms Zaandam, a medium-sized ship built in 2000. Entertainment activities on the ship included cooking classes and musical performances. Amenities included the Greenhouse Spa & Salon and a fitness room. Our itinerary included stops at Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Punta Arenas, Chile. Keep reading… Read more →